Provider Notice Issued 04/25/2018

Date:      April 25, 2018
To:         All Medical Assistance Program Providers
Re:         Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) - Provider Daily Office Hours, Modifications and Licensure Renewal Information
This notice is a reminder to providers that the IMPACT system serves as the enrollment system for all Illinois Medical Programs providers to manage, monitor and update their own information. As IMPACT is a cloud-based technology system, there is no need to send paper enrollment documentation to the Department.
New Information Required in the IMPACT System
With the most recent updates made to the IMPACT system, the Location step on the IMPACT application now requires Daily Office Hours for each location listed. Providers submitting new applications or finishing partially completed ones will have to complete this step in order to submit the application for review. All approved providers will need to complete this step before a modification can be submitted. If a provider’s business is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week, the hours should be listed as 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. daily. 
Provider Responsibility for Routine Changes via IMPACT
Following are some examples of the more routine changes that a provider is able to make via a modification in the IMPACT system:
  • Correspondence, location and remittance address changes
  • Adding required Daily Office Hours to the Location step
  • Updates to any type of license or certification including Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIAs)
  • Ending and/or adding an association to a Billing Provider
  • Ending a provider’s participation in the Department’s Medical Programs
Department representatives responsible for answering provider email correspondence and telephone calls are not authorized to make the types of changes above for providers. These changes must be made by the provider through the IMPACT system.
Licensure or Certification Renewal Specific Information
IMPACT will generate an email reminder notice to a provider 45 days prior to the date that a professional license/certification is set to expire. Providers should not send a copy of the license/certification to the Department. Providers should first confirm the license/certification was in fact updated with the governing body/agency responsible for issuing it. If the license/certification has been updated with the governing body/agency, but the new expiration

date is not reflected in the IMPACT system, then the provider will need to submit a modification in order to update IMPACT’s expiration date.
If a provider does not update the license/certification with the governing body/agency responsible for issuing it, then they will be placed in inactive status in the IMPACT system. The IMPACT system posts an end date to the eligibility of the provider if a respective mandatory license/certification, based on associated Specialty/Subspecialty, is not updated and 60 days have passed since the date the license/certification was set to expire. If this occurs, an email will be generated from IMPACT alerting the provider of termination as an Illinois Medical Programs provider due to the expiration of professional licensure/certification.  
If the provider later does update the license/certification, the provider will then need to contact the Department and ask that their file be re-activated and an extension be granted on their file to allow them to update their license/certification. Providers may reach the Department at 877-782-5565 or by submitting an email request to It is still the responsibility of the provider to update their information in IMPACT once they are able to regain access to their file in the IMPACT system.
Questions regarding this notice can be directed to the IMPACT Help Desk:
            By email:
            By phone: 877-782-5565 (Listen for IMPACT option)
Felicia F. Norwood



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