Provider Notice issued 06/14/16

Prescription Opioid Antagonists

To: Participating Pharmacies
​Date: ​June 14, 2016
​Re: Prescription Opioid Antagonists

The purpose of this notice is to provide an update regarding implementation of Public Act 99-0480 as it pertains to pharmacist requirements for dispensing prescription opioid antagonists.

Public Act 99-0480 requires that prior to dispensing an opioid antagonist, a licensed pharmacist must first complete a Department of Human Services (DHS) approved training program and dispense the opioid antagonist in accordance with written, standardized procedures or protocols developed by DHS.
DHS has finalized the training program as well as the standardized procedures and protocols. The opioid antagonist training program is available on the Illinois Pharmacists Association’s website. Pharmacists who complete the opioid training may dispense with a prescription opioid antagonist to Medicaid participants without Department prior authorization.
Pharmacies are required to maintain a copy of the continuing education statement from the Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Monitor certifying completion of the training program for each pharmacist on location at the dispensing pharmacy. A pharmacy must provide the statement to the Department upon request. Failure to produce this documentation could result in an audit finding for opioid antagonists claims dispensed to Medicaid participants by non-certified pharmacists as well as recoupment of Medicaid reimbursement associated with those claims.
Any questions regarding this notice should be directed to a Medical Assistance Consultant in the Bureau of Professional and Ancillary Services at 1-877-782-5565, Option 7.
Felicia F. Norwood



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