Provider Notices

Provider notices and bulletins contain pertinent information for participating providers for medical services provided or for claims submitted for reimbursement.

Notices inform providers and billing agents of possible revisions or clarifications of medical services. Bulletins include information about general policy and procedural updates for the various provider handbooks issued by the department.


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20193/8/2019prn190308aCritical Access Pharmacies’ (CAP) Self-Attest Criteria  Pharmacies
20193/1/2019prn190301aHospital Cost Report Forms and InstructionsAll Medical Assistance Providers; Hospitals
20192/28/2019prn190227aDue Date for Payment of the Monthly Occupied Bed Provider AssessmentLong Term Care
20192/20/2019prn190220aAn Overview of the Preadmission and Conversion Screenings Process for Potential Supportive Living Program Participants Long Term Care; Supportive Living
20192/15/2019prn190215aHFS 2270, Physician Certification Statement for Non-Emergency TransportationHospitals; Long Term Care; Transportation Providers
20192/14/2019prn190214aReminder Regarding Hospital Use of Modifier 90 for Reference (Outside) Laboratory ServicesHospitals
20192/5/2019prn190205aProgramming Update Regarding DHS Social Services Special EligibilityCommunity Mental Health Providers
20192/5/2019prn190205bSubmission of Claims for Multiple Units of the Same Service Rendered to a Participant at Different Locations on the Same DateCommunity Mental Health Providers
20192/1/2019prn190201aDue Date for Payment of the Monthly Occupied Bed Provider AssessmentLong Term Care
20191/16/2019prn190116aHandbook for Providers of School Based/Linked Health Centers Services Reissue All Medical Assistance Providers
20191/15/2019prn190115aRevised Orthodontia Scoring ToolDentists
20191/11/2019prn190111aCurrent Dental Terminology (CDT) Codes - UpdateDentists
20191/11/2019prn190111bHandbook for Providers of Audiology Services Reissue Audiologists
20191/7/2019prn190107aDue Date for Payment of the Monthly Occupied Bed Provider AssessmentLong Term Care
20191/2/2019prn190102aPrevention of Spousal Impoverishment Standards for 2019 Long Term Care; Supportive Living
201812/28/2018prn181228aOrdering, Referring, Prescribing - National Provider Identifier (NPI) Requirements - Delay in Implementation All Medical Assistance Providers
201812/21/2018prn181221aHandbook for Providers of Transportation Services Reissue Transportation Providers
201812/20/2018prn181220aExondys 51 and Spinraza Prior Authorization Criteria UpdateAll Medical Assistance Providers
201812/14/2018prn181214aBilling Issues WebinarCommunity Mental Health Providers
201812/12/2018prn181212aHandbook for Practitioners Rendering Medical Services Re-issue All Medical Assistance Providers
201812/7/2018prn181207a1115 Waiver Pilot Program: Intensive In-Home Billing and Service Delivery RequirementsAll Medical Assistance Providers
201812/4/2018prn181204aDue Date for Payment of the Fiscal Year 2019 2nd Quarter Licensed Bed AssessmentLong Term Care
201811/30/2018prn181130aUtilization Review UpdateHospitals
201811/30/2018prn181130bIntegrated Health Home ImplementationAll Medical Assistance Providers
201811/21/2018prn181121aPhysician Certification Statement for All Non-Emergency Transportation Hospitals; Transportation Providers
201811/20/2018prn181120aPayment to SMHRFs for Therapeutic Leave of Absence DaysLong Term Care
201811/15/2018prn181115aFederally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) Reimbursement for DenturesFederally Qualified Health Centers
201811/15/2018prn181115bPricing Process for Loaner Items Effective December 1, 2018Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
201811/9/2018prn181109aDue Date for Payment of the Monthly Occupied Bed Provider AssessmentLong Term Care
201811/9/2018prn181109cOrdering, Referring, Prescribing - National Provider Identifier (NPI) Requirements All Medical Assistance Providers
201811/8/2018prn181108bSupportive Living Program Room and Board Amounts for 2019 All Medical Assistance Providers
201811/5/2018prn181105aHepatitis C Direct Acting Antiviral Criteria UpdateAll Medical Assistance Providers
201811/2/2018prn181102aApproved and Authorized Representative Forms All Medical Assistance Providers
201810/26/2018prn181026aNotice of Informational Webinars on Provisional Eligibility – Follow Up IssuesLong Term Care; Supportive Living
201810/19/2018prn181019aCommunity Based Behavioral Services HandbookCommunity Mental Health Providers
201810/18/2018prn181018aExtension in Due Date for Payment of the October 2018 Hospital AssessmentHospitals
201810/18/2018prn181018bPosting of Admission Transaction Audit Numbers (TANs) and Status CodesAll Medical Assistance Providers; Long Term Care; Supportive Living
201810/12/2018prn181012aExtension in Due Date for Payment of the Monthly Occupied Bed Provider AssessmentLong Term Care
201810/12/2018prn181012bBetter Care Illinois Behavioral Health Initiative: Residential/Inpatient Treatment for Individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) PilotAll Medical Assistance Providers
201810/11/2018prn181011aBetter Care Illinois Behavioral Health Initiatives: Case Management Pilot, Peer Recovery Support Services Pilot, Clinically Managed Residential Withdrawal Management Pilot All Medical Assistance Providers
201810/5/2018prn181005aImproper Submission of the CMS 1500, Health Insurance Claim FormAll Medical Assistance Providers
20189/28/2018prn180928aWebinar on the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) Partner Portal – Requirements for the Data Sharing Agreement and Security and Privacy Controls Long Term Care; Nurses; Supportive Living
20189/28/2018prn180928bChapter U-200, Handbook for Local Education AgenciesLocal Education Agencies; School Based Health Services
20189/28/2018prn180928cFederal Fiscal Year 2019 Safety Net DeterminationHospitals
20189/28/2018prn180928dDistribution of Fiscal Year 2019 Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) DeterminationHospitals
20189/24/2018prn180924aAnnual Rate Changes Effective October 1, 2018Hospice
20189/21/2018prn180921aStage 4 Cancer MedicationsAll Medical Assistance Providers
20189/20/2018prn180920aDental EncountersFederally Qualified Health Centers
20189/20/2018prn180920bALERT: Fraudulent Prescription RequestsDentists; Hospitals; Nurses; Optometrists; Pharmacies; Physicians; Podiatrists
20189/20/2018prn180920cHospice Coverage in Managed Care Plans Hospice
20189/17/2018prn180917aMedical Electronic Data Interchange (MEDI) System – Automatic Updates for Increases and Decreases to the Resident’s Patient Credit Amount  Long Term Care; Supportive Living
20189/17/2018prn180917bPayment Change for Therapeutic Leaves of AbsenceLong Term Care
20189/14/2018prn180914aHealthChoice Illinois – Special Needs Children & Medically Fragile Technology Dependent Waiver Populations - Implementation UpdateAll Medical Assistance Providers
20189/13/2018prn180913aIllinois Hospital Provider Assessment Payment Procedure Hospitals
20189/12/2018prn180912aMotorized Wheelchairs Long Term Care
20189/10/2018prn180910aRemoval of DHS Social Services – Special Eligibility Segment Requirement Effective October 1, 2017Community Mental Health Providers
20189/6/2018prn180906aBetter Care Illinois Behavioral Health Initiative: Intensive In-Home Pilot Program All Medical Assistance Providers
20189/6/2018prn180906bChapter M-200, Handbook for Providers of Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies Change Regarding Multiple Participants Billed on Same HFS 2210 Claim Form Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
20188/27/2018prn180827aUpdate to Community Mental Health Services Fee Schedule Effective August 1, 2018Community Mental Health Providers
20188/20/2018prn180820aFiscal Year 2019 Long Term Care Provider AssessmentLong Term Care
20188/16/2018prn180816aExtension in Due Date for Payment of the August 2018 Hospital AssessmentHospitals
20188/9/2018prn180809aFiscal Year 2019 Provider Assessment ProgramLong Term Care
20188/9/2018prn180809bFiscal Year 2019 Provider Assessment ProgramWaiver
20188/7/2018prn180807aUpdated Pricing Calculators  Hospitals
20188/6/2018prn180806aStandardized “Provider Roster” TemplateHospitals
20188/1/2018prn180801aIntegrated Health Homes Town Hall MeetingsAll Medical Assistance Providers
20187/27/2018prn180727aFiscal Year 2019 Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Assessment Programs Notice of AssessmentsHospitals
20187/26/2018prn180726aNotice of Informational Webinars on Provisional Eligibility – Implementation ProcessLong Term Care; Supportive Living
20187/24/2018prn180724aLTC Monthly Occupied Bed Provider Assessment Long Term Care
20187/20/2018prn180720bChapter L-200, Handbook for Providers of Laboratory Services Correction Regarding Global Laboratory Billing in the Hospital Outpatient Setting and Hospital Use of Modifier “90” for Reference Laboratory ServicesHospitals; Laboratory; Physicians
20187/19/2018prn180719aCPT Code 99070Nurses; Physicians; Podiatrists
20187/12/2018prn180712aCMHC Rate Add On and Fee ScheduleCommunity Mental Health Providers
20187/12/2018prn180712bBHC Provider Notice and New Fee ScheduleAll Medical Assistance Providers
20187/11/2018prn180711aUpdate to Community Mental Health Service ArrayCommunity Mental Health Providers
20186/29/2018prn180629aChanges to Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Reimbursement Systems Effective with Dates of Service on and after July 1, 2018Hospitals
20186/29/2018prn180629bDD Wage IncreaseLong Term Care; Waiver
20186/28/2018prn180628aJune 2018 Final Reconciliation ACA Assessment Adjustment Hospitals
20186/27/2018prn180627aRate Increase for Ambulance Providers  Transportation Providers
20186/27/2018prn180627bAdult Dental Services  Dentists
20186/26/2018prn180626aLTC  Monthly Occupied Bed Provider AssessmentLong Term Care
20186/22/2018prn180622aSpecialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities (SMHRFs) Reimbursement Rate Increase Effective July 1, 2018Long Term Care
20186/21/2018prn180621aNew Medical Electronic Data Interchange (MEDI) Institutional Invoice Field for Service Line “Thru” DateHome Health Agencies
20186/21/2018prn180621bVaccines for Children (VFC) program - Private Stock Vaccines (Title XXI) Funding Extended Through June 30, 2019 for Title XXI and State-funded EnrolleesAll Medical Assistance Providers
20186/14/2018prn180614aReporting Resident Discharges or Death through MEDI Long Term Care; Supportive Living
20186/14/2018prn180614bFee For Service (FFS) Hospital Access Payment Adjustment Hospitals
20186/13/2018prn180613aTherapeutic Leaves of AbsenceLong Term Care
20186/13/2018prn180613bAddition of Current Dental Terminology (CDT) D1354 - Interim Caries Arresting Medicament ApplicationDentists
20186/13/2018prn180613cUpdated Timelines for Reporting Admissions and Resident Status ChangesLong Term Care; Supportive Living
20185/25/2018prn180525aLTC Monthly Occupied Bed Provider Assessment Long Term Care
20185/22/2018prn180522a2018 Long Term Care (LTC) Cost Report Forms and Instructions Long Term Care
20185/21/2018prn180521aPolicy for Billing Multiple Visits and Procedures on the Same DayLocal Health Departments; Physicians; School Based Health Services; Nurses
20185/15/2018prn180515aExtension in Due Date for Payment of the May 2018 Hospital AssessmentHospitals
20185/15/2018prn180515bAutomated Adjustment Process for the Long Term Care Direct Billing SystemLong Term Care; Supportive Living
20185/10/2018prn180510aMedicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative (MMAI) Simplified Credentialing All Medical Assistance Providers
20185/9/2018prn180509aHealthChoice Illinois – Special Needs Children Implementation Schedule UpdateAll Medical Assistance Providers
20185/7/2018prn180507aClarification Regarding Use of Modifier 90 [Reference (Outside) Laboratory] for Hospital Outpatient Claims Billed on the 837P or HFS 2360 Claim FormatsHospitals; Laboratory
20185/7/2018prn180507bMEDI Enhancements and Instructions for Medicare-Only Admission TransactionsLong Term Care; Supportive Living
20185/4/2018prn180504aRate Year 2019 Determination for Disproportionate Share, Medicaid Percentage Adjustment, and County Trauma Center Adjustment PaymentsHospitals
20184/25/2018prn180425aIllinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) - Provider Daily Office Hours, Modifications and Licensure Renewal Information All Medical Assistance Providers
20184/25/2018prn180425bNew Prior Approval Requirements for Wheelchair ProvidersDurable Medical Equipment Suppliers
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