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Care Coordination


Serving patients through care coordination is the most efficient way to provide health care services. Included here are the many ways we are helping the right provider deliver the right care at the right time. 

Welcome to the Care Coordination section of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) website. According to state law, HFS enrolls Illinois Medicaid and All Kids clients into care coordination in five mandatory managed care regions:  Rockford, Central Illinois, Metro East, Quad Cities, and the greater Chicago area. Over 60% of our 3 million clients have enrolled in Health Plans.

The goal of Care Coordination is to

  • provide a health plan and primary care provider (PCP) for every client

    • maintain continuity of care with that PCP

    • create comprehensive networks of care around our clients including primary care, specialists, hospitals, and behavioral health care

    • offer Care Coordination to help clients with complex needs navigate the healthcare system

This site will include information on HFS’ Care Coordination programs, enrollment totals, program materials, quality measures, and project updates as they become available.

Care Coordination Programs

Care Coordination Enrollment

Enrollment of Medicaid clients in the various Health Plans is updated monthly, and includes data on the two most recent months, and data comparing the current month to that month in the prior year.

Care Coordination Member Transition Letters

Care Coordination Operation Metrics

Care Coordination Quality Measures

Sanctions of Care Coordination Programs

Care Coordination Roll Out Plan

Care Coordination Expansion Map

Care Coordination Claims Data (CCCD)

Care Coordination Claims Data (CCCD) is a data set available to Healthcare and Family Services care coordination partners for recipients enrolled in their programs.  

Policy on Mandatory Enrollment in Managed Care Entities for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, July 2012

Care Coordination Innovations Project Updates

Care Coordination Innovations Project Introductory Webinar, October 13, 2011

On October 13, 2011, HFS held a public meeting to test community interest, and capacity to provide alternative models of delivering care (as an adjunct to our current managed care programs). The purpose of the meeting was to provide the department with feedback on its proposed concepts to use in the planning and development for this project. You may view the slide presentation and listen to the audio files from the Webinar from the links below.


Care Coordination


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