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Accountable Care Entity (ACEs) and Care Coordination Entities (CCEs)

Accountable Care Entities (ACEs) and Care Coordination Entities (CCEs) are new approaches to meeting the triple aim (increasing quality of care, lowering costs, and improving population health outcomes) for the Medicaid population. This page is the central resource for information on ACEs and CCEs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please check back here shortly for FAQs on additional topics.


The following link provides an overview of the total number of enrollees in various health plans throughout the state of Illinois. Check back here for updates regularly.

ACE and CCE Contact Information

The following documents provide primary contacts for ACEs and CCEs.

Overview of Connectivity, Enrollment and Data Use

Care coordination relies on ACEs and CCEs sharing data with HFS, a client enrollment broker, and Illinois Health Connect. These documents describe this process.

Connectivity to HFS

Care coordination partners must establish connectivity to HFS for the purposes of downloading Care Coordination Claims Data (CCCD) and a HFS Provider Extract file. Claims data is necessary for risk stratification and ongoing monitoring of their enrollees. The HFS Provider Extract provides a directory of all Medicaid-eligible providers.

MEDI Registration

MEDI registration permits plans to access a daily panel roster, detailing new, continuing, and terminated enrollments..

Illinois Health Connect Connectivity

Illinois Health Connect (IHC) connects ICEB with an ACE or CCE to manage and share data on enrollment. To complete connectivity procedures, contact IHC directly. For an example of the panel roster that IHC will make available to ACEs/CCEs, see below.

Client Enrollment Broker Connectivity

An ACE/CCE must establish connectivity to client enrollment broker (Maximus) to receive a monthly Health Needs Assessment file. This file contains surveys completed by clients at the time of enrollment. To complete connectivity procedures, work with Maximus directly. For an example of the survey data that Maximus will make available to ACEs/CCEs, see below.

Health Plan Marketing and Outreach

HFS must preapprove all outreach activities to potential and current enrollees to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Please use this section to clarify outreach for ACEs and CCEs.

Member Materials

After enrollment, ACEs and CCEs must provide members with certain materials including, at a minimum, a member handbook and welcome letter (with PCPs). Below please find resources to help you develop these materials.

Quality Measures

HFS is further developing this section. Please check back for updates here.

Reporting Requirements

ACEs and CCEs are required to submit a variety of reports on a regular basis. We will be updating this section regularly in upcoming weeks.

ACE and CCE Member Services Toolkit Series

ACE and CCE Educational Sessions

On July 23, 2014, an educational phone call was offered on the topics of dental, transportation, optical and pharmacy benefits. The following documents were provided to participants.

ACE Readiness Review Tools

Prior to approval as fully operational organizations, ACEs and CCEs are required to complete Readiness Reviews, in addition to addressing issues identified during the proposal evaluation and negotiation of a final contract. Please see details in the following documents.

Response to ACE Solicitation

ACE Solicitation

CCE Solicitation and Response

Please see the Care Coordination Innovation Project page for further information on CCE development.

Contact Us

Please email any questions or comments to HFS.ACE.CCE@illinois.gov.

Accountable Care Entity (ACE)


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