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Individual Care Grant (ICG) Program

The Individual Care Grant (ICG) program provides funding to children with a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) under the age of 18 to assist in obtaining the appropriate level of treatment services required to improve their condition.  Questions regarding the ICG program may be directed to HFS via phone 217-557-1000 or email HFS.CBH@illinos.gov.


The ICG program was established by Public Act 76-1943 in 1969. The administration and operation of the ICG program is governed by Illinois Administrative Code, Title 59 Part 135, commonly referred to as Rule 135.

ICG Program Application

The application for the ICG program can be found here: ICG Application
Completed ICG applications may be submitted to HFS via email or fax 217-524-1221 using the subject line “ICG Application for Review.” Completed applications may also be mailed to the following address:
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
Attn: Children’s Behavioral Health Unit
Bloom Building, 3rd Floor
201 S. Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62763
Families are strongly encouraged to submit ICG applications through the ICG Coordinator at the child’s local Screening, Assessment and Support Services (SASS) agency.  ICG Coordinators are available to answer questions related to the ICG program and assist interested families in completing the ICG application, free of charge to the family.  A list of SASS agencies can be found on the HFS SASS Provider webpage.

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