Preferred Drug List Process

Upon determination of classes to be reviewed, the department announces the review to the affected manufacturers by E-mail, based on the department’s official Manufacturer Contact List, and posts an announcement on the department’s Web site. The department establishes a review schedule and will announce a due date for offers when the class announcement is made. During the review period, the department’s clinical contractor reviews clinical factors and makes recommendations to the department. Upon receipt of the clinical recommendations, the department then makes PDL recommendations based upon clinical considerations and financial analysis. Those recommendations are presented to the Illinois State Medical Society Committee on Drugs and Therapeutics for their review and recommendations. After the Committee on Drugs and Therapeutics makes their recommendations, the department announces the Preferred Drug List decisions.

To request the Illinois Medical Assistance Supplemental Rebate Offer Form be sent to you to be completed, please submit an e-mail to request Pharmacy Rebate Offer Form or download the Illinois Medical Assistance Supplemental Rebate Offer Form below.

You may register to receive E-mail notification, when a new Preferred Drug List is posted to the Web site, by completing the form for Preferred Drug List E-mail Notification Request.

Inquiries regarding the PDL should be sent via e-mail to Pharmacy.



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