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Update December 18, 2017

Alert! Please Read!

Java 9 was released on September 21 2017. Do not upgrade to Java 9. If you have automatic updates for Java turn them off. For instructions Google ‘How do I turn off Java automatic updates’.     

The 12/12/2017 Microsoft Windows update will block all Java versions below 8u151.  If you are getting the message that Microsoft Windows is blocking your Java, you can use the new version. .  Do not change your Java if you can login.

If your password is over a year old you may be prompted to change your password. This is normal. If you are having problems logging in and your password is over a year old or it has been over 90 days since you used Medi you may have to change your password.

For Illinois (Instate) users, use the Forgot Password button on the MEDI login page.

For Out of state users, call 1-217-524-3648 or 1-312-814-3648. Select option 1 then option 2 for assistance changing passwords.

Please Note: Only accounts which were registered using a State of Illinois Driver’s License (DL) or State of Illinois ID card can use the Instate option for changing their password.

If you upgrade to Windows 10 be aware that the default browser is a new product called Windows Edge. Windows 10 has worked with Medi. The Edge browser will not work with Medi. If you upgrade to Windows 10 you will have to use the IE 11 mode. To find IE put INTERNET EXPLORER in the system search box. You will find IE and be able to open it. The Windows 10 and IE 11 combination has been working well.

Note:  Windows Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers are not supported.


Welcome to myHFS - the secure Web site for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. This Web site allows authorized users online access to departmental information on the following HFS programs:

  1. Medical Assistance Information for Medicaid Providers

  2. All Kids and FamilyCare Programs

  3. Child Support Case Information

  4. Cost Calculation For Medicaid School-Based Health Services

New Users 

Resources are available to assist you with establishing and troubleshooting your MEDI access:

  1. Getting Started presents what is required to use these applications

  2. Registration Toolbox (pdf) provides steps to complete the registration process, as well as problem tips

  3. Help Documentation for a more thorough overview of MEDI

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Note: Some features of this site will be unavailable between 3 and 3:30 a.m. on a daily basis, and between 10 p.m. to midnight on Saturdays, due to regular system maintenance. Please keep this in mind when using this site during this time frame, and thank you for your cooperation.

Provider Updates

Providers can register to receive E-mail notification, when new provider information has been posted to the Web site, by completing the form for Provider Releases and Bulletins E-mail Notification Request.

Providers can register to receive an E-mail notification when a new preferred drug list has been posted to the Web site, by completing the form for the Preferred Drug List E-Mail Notification Request.




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