Child Support Information Data Exchange (CSIDE)

Accelerating Child Support Payments through Technology

Project Overview

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services is working to modernize the Child Support case management system to make it easier to access and administer child support services across the state. The goal is to use technology to help custodial parents get child support payments faster.
One important component of this effort is the Child Support Information Data Exchange (CSIDE), a collaboration between the Illinois Division of Child Support Services and County Circuit Court Clerks to electronically exchange court order data.
The current system relies on paper records and manual processing. By modernizing the technology, organizations will be able to exchange information electronically to expedite child support orders, reduce redundant data entry and improve data accuracy.
CSIDE is currently being piloted in Lake County, and several additional counties are enlisted to begin utilizing CSIDE upon completion of the pilot. Implementation will roll out county-by-county until the project is live statewide, and every county is using efficient, cost-effective electronic information exchange.
The CSIDE project is utilizing the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) as the foundation for the exchange of child support information between County Court systems and the Statewide Child Support System. NIEM is a national data model that enables efficient information exchange across diverse public and private organizations. It can save time and money by providing consistent, reusable data terms and definitions and repeatable processes.
NIEM can be used amongst multiple partners and/or across legacy systems to exchange information. The NIEM data model is a mature and stable data dictionary of agreed-upon terms, definitions, relationships and formats independent of how information is stored in individual agency systems.
NIEM provides a common vocabulary as well as information exchange development tools and guidelines that diverse communities collectively leverage to increase efficiencies and improve decision-making. The goal of the CSIDE project is to improve accuracy and get support to Illinois families faster.
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Improve services and outcomes for families
·         Speed up child support payments and collections
·         Safeguard personal information
Increase interoperability between state and county governments
·         Improve communication across agencies
·         Increase the accuracy of court order data
Increase efficiency and decrease costs
·         Eliminate the double-entry of court order data
·         Minimize paper printing, mailing and storage

About NIEM

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is a standards-based approach to exchanging information. NIEM makes it possible for organizations to share critical data more easily.
More information is available at
Illinois is leading the nation by acting as one of the first states to move towards NIEM-conformant court case management systems.
In collaboration with the courts and other stakeholders, Illinois is developing a NIEM-conformant information exchange standard that will allow people and computers to share information in a language that makes sense to everyone.



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