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Executive Staff


HFS Director​

Theresa A. Eagleson
​Chief of Staff ​Shawn McGady
Office of General Counsel​ ​Chris Gange
Office of Legislative Affairs​ ​Shawn McGady
Inspector General​ ​Bradley Hart
Division of Medical Programs​ ​Kelly Cunningham, Acting
Deputy Administrator for Long Term Care​
Kelly Cunningham​
Deputy Administrator for Eligibility Policy​
Lynne Thomas​
Deputy Administrator of Care Coordination
Robert Mendonsa​
Division of Child Support Services​
Mary Bartolomucci, Acting
Division of Finance​
Mike Casey​
Division of Personnel and Administrative Services
Terri Shawgo
Office of Internal Auditor​
Jamie Nardulli​
Director of Communications​
John K. Hoffman​
​Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) Graham Osmonson

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