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State Employee Business Transportation Policy

State of Illinois employees currently have access to an unprecedented number of transportation alternatives for use when conducting official business travel. The State is diligently pursuing the most sustainable and cost-efficient transportation technologies that will allow employees to serve the people of Illinois while preserving the environment for future generations.

Follow this link to the CMS Division of Vehicles internet hub. Included at this link is the new State Employee Business Transportation Policy and Calculator; this policy is effective immediately.

The Trip Cost Calculator helps agencies and employees determine the most cost efficient transportation solutions. The policy reviews transportation options, provides examples and reviews alternatives. Fully utilizing a state vehicle is the most economical choice, but they are not always available.

The policy includes information on the state's Zipcar, Car Sharing and Enterprise Car Rental programs and outlines how to use them. Following this policy will save agencies money, ease traveling anxiety and provide safe and economical transportation for employees.

Visit this link for general information on CMS Fleet Management

Click here for the State Employee Business Transportation Policy (March 2012)

Click here for the Trip Cost Calculator