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In Illinois



The goal for Illinois as it relates to governance around the implementation of the NPSBN will be to create a multi-discipline, multi-jurisdictional group to represent the needs of Illinois as a whole. 

Illinois Decisions

  • Each state has the following list of responsibilities:
    1. Assign a single point of contact; if none designated, Governor is default.

    2. Assign an agency or governmental body to be responsible for the associated grant funding administration. There is $135m nationally dedicated to implementation planning at the state level. Planning funds will be used to coordinate resources within the state that can be used for build out, governance expenses, training, policy and SOP development.

    3. Designate governance for the oversight and ongoing policy of the system within the state. This can be a new representative group or additional duties assigned to an existing group.

    4. Participate with FirstNet in the implementation planning process; provide information as required in the design, procurement, and build out.

    5. Prepare financially. Hopefully some guidance will develop prior to the final design and states will have time to prepare for the budgetary aspects of this project.

  • The Act requires FirstNet to consult with regional, state, tribal, and local jurisdictions on the following issues.
    1. Construction or access to the core network and any radio access network build out;

    2. Placement of towers;

    3. Coverage areas of the network, whether at the regional, state, tribal, or local levels;

    4. Adequacy of hardening, security, reliability, and resiliency requirements;

    5. Assignment of priority to local users;

    6. Assignment of priority and selection of entities seeking access to or use of the nationwide interoperable NPSBN; and

    7. Training needs of local users.