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IDHR Discrimination Study


About The Discrimination Study

Governor Bruce Rauner has directed the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) to study and develop recommendations regarding best practices to prevent discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion in these areas:

  • Employment, both public and private, including recruitment, retention, and promotion of state employees and in state contracting;
  • Housing, including affordability, accessibility, segregation and homelessness;
  • Public accommodations and provision of government services and benefits;
  • Financial credit and access to financial services;
  • Education, including achievement gaps based on race, ethnicity, or zip code;
  • Criminal justice, especially as a barrier to economic independence; and
  • Civic engagement.  

Discrimination Study Objectives and Timeline

The primary aim of the study is to identify barriers to success and compile metrics to measure progress, recommendations and best practices to prevent discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion in Illinois.  A secondary aim is to determine where there may be information gaps that need to be studied and addressed.  The lead organizations in each area of study will be asked to assist in the task of convening working groups that will survey participants, locate studies and reports, suggest metrics for measuring progress, and organize and prioritize recommendations and best practices.  By January 2016, the project will deliver to Governor Rauner a preliminary report outlining the initial phase of the project, framing the issues, listing organizational participants and laying the groundwork for additional phases of work.  We aim to complete this study by December 2016. 

How to Partner with IDHR in the Study

IDHR seeks to engage expert organizations as partners willing to contribute data, resources or perspective to this effort.  Most importantly, IDHR seeks to include voices of experts who are familiar with barriers to opportunity for major identity groups in Illinois.  Participating organizations are needed from state, city, and county entities, as well as private businesses, community organizations and academic institutions.     

In order to volunteer as an organizational partner, or nominate a partner, please contact the Discrimination Study Project Manager.


Discrimination Study Updates and Resources