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How We Can Help

The Illinois Division of Developmental Disabilities provides services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Whether you are:


We can answer your questions and help you in finding the necessary services. Possible services include:

  • In-Home Supports to help you live more independently.
  • Respite Care to provide temporary relief to your caregiver.
  • Job Coaches to help you succeed in the workplace.
  • Residential Living Arrangements to provide you with the security and care you need.
  • Adaptive Equipment to make you more independent.
  • Other Supports to improve your quality of life.

To find out more information about available services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities, you can:

  1. Contact your local coordination agency
  2. Call the DHS Helpline: 1-888-DD-PLANS or 1-866-376-8446 (TTY)
  3. Visit our Parents and Children page
  4. Visit our Living in the Community page