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Children Not Yet Freed for Adoption


4, Male, individual

Michael enjoys playing with stickers and play-doh.

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12, Male, individual

Eddie is a bright child who is eager to find a family of his own.

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14, Female, individual

Mariah is very into 80s related culture. She especially enjoys music by Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.

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14, Male, individual

Larry is an outgoing young man who loves to stay active. In his spare time, you can find Larry partaking in all different types of sports.

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12, Female, with sibling(s)

Start a conversation about beauty, hair and nails and Martha perks up! Martha is an energetic, outspoken and playful girl.

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4, Male, with sibling(s)

Jamarie is a little ball of energy! He loves to play especially with other children and loves to engage.

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10, Male, individual

You can find Jeremiah catching up on the latest crime show.  Jeremiah wants to be a police officer and is really into crime shows like Law & Order.

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6, Male, with sibling(s)

Jarrell loves trying to jump ramps with his bike like his older brothers. He also enjoys playing Basketball, and playing with his fish “Nemo.”

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10, Male, with sibling(s)

Deshon is a three-sport athlete who wants to turn his love of sports into a profession.

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13, Female

Jalesha is a very sweet, kind, and charming young lady. She is very outgoing, funny and
talkative. Jalesha loves animals. She also likes to sing and do art as well as being with her

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​Lauren, Dylan

11, Female; 10 Male siblings

Lauren is an 11-year-old girl who has a great sense of humor! Lauren loves animals and helping around the house.  Dylan is an outgoing 10-year-old boy who loves sports and animals. He is currently on a soccer team and is an awesome player!

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