Retro-commissioning Program

Illinois Energy Now offers a retro-commissioning (RCx) program for public sector buildings as another means towards reducing energy usage in buildings. SEDAC supports the Department of Commerce Office of Energy & Recycling in management of the program and providing the RCx services. This program offers retro-commissioning guidance by identifying measures to improve the control, scheduling, and operation of energy consuming systems to match the current functional requirements of the building. The end result: significant energy and demand savings, and in many cases, improved occupant comfort and productivity.

RCx analysis by SEDAC is fully funded by Illinois Department of Commerce. Each participant must only cover costs associated with implementing the measures recommended by the RCx analysis, attend meetings, as well as assist RCx service providers in acquiring facility information. Retro-commissioning services are delivered through a network of commissioning providers trained in program protocols and participation processes. 

Eligibility is limited to public sector entities that have electric service delivered by Ameren Illinois or ComEd utilities. Local or state governments, K-12 school districts, community colleges, and public universities are eligible to apply. Note: Entities receiving natural gas from Ameren Illinois, Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas, or Peoples Gas may also be eligible for inclusion of natural gas savings measures.

The Retro-Commissioning Program is managed by the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC).

For more information contact:

Sam Al-Basha
Office of Energy and Recycling