Illinois Energy Now Public Sector Standard and Custom Incentive Programs

The Standard Incentive Program provides set incentive levels for common retrofits for Lighting, HVAC, Variable Speed Drives for HVAC equipment, Demand-Controlled Ventilation, Water Heaters, LED Traffic Signals and Kitchen Equipment.  The Custom Incentive Program provides incentives for approved energy efficiency improvements not listed in the Standard Incentive Program.  The incentive level is $0.12 per kWh reduced for electric savings and $2.50 per therm reduced for natural gas savings.  The Clean Water Incentive Program provides $0.36 per kWh for high efficiency aeration systems at waste water treatment plants.
Please be advised that this is a rebate program that provides incentives after the project is completed.  Public entities can submit a Pre-Approval Application which will estimate the incentive level.  For program guidelines, application forms and equipment specifications please download the 2016-2017 Public Sector Energy Efficiency Standard, Custom and Clean Water Incentive Program.
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  No new Applications will be accepted after April 3, 2017.
2016-2017 Public Sector Energy Efficiency Standard, Custom and Clean Water Incentive Program updates:
  • 2016-2017 Illinois Energy Now Programs are for projects completed after June 1, 2016 and before May 8, 2017.
  • All projects applying for incentives of $150,000 or more must submit a Pre-Approval Application.
  • All Custom Incentive projects must submit a Pre-Approval Application.
  • Please ensure that the Application is complete as listed on the Application Checklist.
  • Verify that equipment meets program specifications and submit equipment spec sheets verifying eligibility.

Common Incentive Levels and Equipment Specifications

  • Lighting Equipment
    • Receive $30 rebate for LED Exit Sign
    • Receive $13 for high performance T-8 Lamp
    • Receive $60-$120 for LED Wall Pack
    • Receive $0.60 per reduced watts for interior LED Fixtures.
    • Receive $0.70 per reduced watts for exterior LED, Induction Fixtures
    • Receive incentives for LED Traffic Signals
  • HVAC Equipment
    • Receive $35 per ton for efficient Room Air Conditioners
    • Receive $8 per HP for notched V-belts
  • Gas Equipment
    • Receive incentives for efficient Furnaces, Boilers and Water Heaters
    • Receive incentives for Boiler Tune-Up, Steam Traps and Boiler System Improvements
    • Receive incentives for Condensing Unit Heaters and Infrared Heaters
  • Variable Speed Drives for HVAC Equipment
    • Receive $110 per HP (Variable Speed Drives for Non-HVAC maybe eligible for Custom Incentive.
  • Kitchen Equipment
    • Receive a FREE High Efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzle
    • Receive incentives for ENERGY STAR Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Equipment
    • Receive $0.36 per kWh saved for High Efficiency Aeration Systems  


High Performance T-8 Lamp and Ballast must be listed in the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) approved product lists found at:
Interior and Exterior LED must be on the qualified product list at: