Public Sector Natural Gas Boiler Tune-Up Program

​The Boiler System Efficiency Program provides cash incentives for projects that increase the natural gas efficiency of local governments, municipal corporations, public school districts, community college districts, public universities, and state/federal facilities located in the service territories of Ameren Illinois (“Ameren”), Nicor Gas (“Nicor”), Peoples Gas (“Peoples”), and/or North Shore Gas (“North Shore”).

The Boiler System Efficiency Program encourages the owners of natural gas boilers to invest in a Boiler Tune-Up conducted by a qualified contractor. The Boiler Tune-Up should result, on average, in up to 6 percent efficiency gain in the operation of the boiler resulting in payback periods in most cases of less than six months. The program provides the following incentives for increasing the natural gas efficiency within the boiler and distribution system:

  • Boiler Tune-Up: $0.50/kBtuh (1kBtuh = 1,000 Btuh)
  • Pipe Insulation new/repair: $8-$20 per linear foot Insulated
  • Steam Trap new/repair: $200-$600 per Steam Trap
  • Boiler Reset Controls: $0.75 per kBtuh (1kBtuh = 1,000 Btuh)
  • Parallel Positioning Control System: $3.00 per therm saved
  • Removable Insulation Covers: $40-$100 sq. ft.

Download Application (Excel in ZIP file - Updated 3/21/2017)

Pipe Insulation Reporting Tool


For more information contact:
Marcello Pibiri
Energy Resources Center, University of Illinois at Chicago
312.355.3823 or