Illinois Energy Conservation Code Training and Support Program
2015 IECC - Frequently Asked Questions – 2015 IECC


These are “actual” responses from the Illinois Office of Energy & Recycling, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), regarding provisions of The Illinois Energy Efficient Building Act [“the Act” 20 ILCS 3125], and categorized by Code Section for the utility of code users. The Technical Opinions offered with respect to the Act, including ACCA Technical Reference Notes, are not exclusive, but offered willingly and openly to provide technical support and clarification of the International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC®) with Illinois Amendments, as it applies to the State of Illinois for jurisdictions, home builders, design professionals and members of the Illinois construction community.

The opinions are based solely on information provided by the inquirer. The Illinois Office of Energy & Recycling has made no independent effort to verify the accuracy of the submitted information, nor have we conducted a review beyond the scope of the questions involved.

While the Technical Opinions provided here are approved by the Illinois Office of Energy & Recycling and represent the official position of the Department of Commerce, please note that only the code official has the authority to administer and enforce the code and that the opinions of the Illinois Office of Energy & Recycling are advisory.






IV. ACCA* TECHNICAL REFERENCE NOTE 2016-1 – Computing Manual J Infiltration Loads Based Upon a Target Envelope Leakage Requirement

* ACCA develops the industry standards for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and building performance that raise the bar for contracting.