Energy Performance Contracting Program

Illinois Energy Now offers services such as Energy Performance Contracting, an innovative arrangement for designing, installing and financing energy improvement projects where the savings achieved by the project are guaranteed to amortize the cost of the project over the term of the agreement.  Since the initial pilot, the program has provided technical assistance to local governments, schools, colleges, and other organizations to implement a total of $144.6 million in projects with annual utility savings of over $17.2 million per year.  Since 2005, the program also has assisted various public sector participants and developed sample documents that reduce or eliminate the need to "recreate the wheel."   

EPC agreements are typically ten years in length, adaptable to site specific needs and best suited for facilities that have the following characteristics:

  • Annual utility costs in excess of $100,000 
  • Stable use of the facility for the next five to ten years 
  • Minimal availability of funds for energy related capital improvements 
  • Have accomplished minimal energy efficiency upgrades over the past ten years

What may I expect from an Energy Performance Contract? 

  • Thorough assessment of how your facility uses energy and manages energy cost
  • Recommendation of all technically and economically viable energy conservation measures for inclusion in project scope
  • Ability to negotiate specific project scope, terms and conditions, etc. in the Energy Services Agreement
  • Annual savings in the range of 20 percent to 30 percent of the utility cost at your facility
  • Capital investment of one to two times the utility cost at your facility
  • Flexible financing arrangements tailored to your site-specific needs
  • Capital improvements without upfront capital expenditures
  • The opportunity to utilize existing expenditures to "buy" the project

For more information contact:

Wayne Hartel
Office of Energy and Recycling