Energy Efficiency Forms

2016-2017 Public Sector Energy Efficiency Standard, Custom and Clean Water Incentive Program (updated 1/31/2017)
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. No new applications will be accepted after 4:00PM on April 21, 2017. Final Certifications must be submitted by May 8, 2017.  NOTE:  The application is contained in a .zip file.  That file will have to be saved and the application extracted to a new location before it can be completed.

The 2016-2017 Application is a new Excel format. In order to navigate and complete the new application, you must open the application file using Microsoft Excel (other software, including Numbers for Mac, will not allow for proper navigation of the application). Updates are expected while we improve the application so please check for latest version and save the file to your computer before opening. To maneuver through the Application, make sure you scroll to the top so the buttons are shown along the top:

IL ENERGY NOW 2016-2017 Public Sector Update presentation from webinar presented 7/14/16 by Molly Lunn, Byron Lloyd & Andrea Reiff


Click the green Start button for Cover Page and Table of Contents.
Click the blue Guidelines button for Guidelines, Application Process, Checklist.
Click the blue Incentives button for equipment Incentives and Specifications.

Click the blue rectangles for Standard Incentive Worksheets for Lighting, HVAC, Kitchen, and Equipment. Please note: as you select the different cells in the Worksheets, some cells will enable you to input values or text and some cells will open a drop-down list for you to select from, cells must be completely filled out from left-to-right in order for the drop-down list to be customized.  Click the blue rectangles for Custom and Clean Water Worksheets and complete all the yellow cells.

Applications should be submitted to and include:

  1. 2016-2017 IL Energy Now Public Sector Application in .xls or .xlsx workbook format.
  2. Scanned copy of all necessary support documentation

    Signed Applicant Certifications Page, found under Certify button.
    Utility bills.
    Manufacturer Spec Sheets.
    Additional project information where specified.



Limited Time Offer - 15% GreenSpring Bonus for Standard and Custom Rebate Applications submitted to the Department and received January 30, 2017, or after:
For New Applications received January 30, 2017, or after, a 15% Bonus will be applied, with a Bonus Cap of $50,000.  
GreenSpring Bonuses will be applied as funds are available.

Projects in the following utility areas only are eligible for this bonus:

  • Ameren Electric
  • Nicor Gas
  • Peoples Gas
  • North Shore Gas

This is for Standard and Custom applications submitted to the Department.  The following types of projects are excluded from this GreenSpring bonus offer:
LED Street Lights, Clean Water, HINGE, Key Accounts, New Construction, Aggregation.

Final applications are still due before May 8.