Alternate Fuels

More than a dozen alternate fuels are in production or under development for use in traditional, alternate fuel, and advanced technology vehicles. Using these types of fuels instead of conventional types helps the State reduce its petroleum use and vehicle emissions. Biofuels in particular are clean burning, renewable alternatives to traditional fuels, and the industry is a large economic driver in Illinois.

Illinois Alternative Fuel Corridors

Illinois Interstates were recently selected by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as some of the first “Alternative Fuel Corridors” in the country.   

The FHWA intends to support the expansion of this national network through a process that:

  • provides the initial opportunity for a formal corridor designation now and in the future on a rolling basis, without a cap on the number of corridors;
  • ensures that corridor designations are selected based on criteria that promote the "build out" of a national network;
  • develops national signage and branding to help catalyze applicant and public interest;
  • encourages multi-State and regional cooperation and collaboration; and,
  • brings together a consortium of stakeholders including state agencies, utilities, alternative fuel providers, and car manufacturers to promote and advance alternative fuel corridor designations in conjunction with the Department of Energy.

Illinois Interstates that are part of this effort include:

  • I-39 from the Illinois/Wisconsin border to Bloomington, IL  
  • I-55 from Chicago to St. Louis;
  • I-74 from the Illinois/Iowa border to Illinois/Indiana border;
  • I-80 from the Illinois/Iowa border to the Illinois/Indiana border;
  • I-90 from the Illinois/Wisconsin border to the Illinois/Indiana border; and
  • I-94 from the Illinois/Wisconsin border to Illinois/Indiana border.

Additional information, maps and resources can be found at:

Illinois Biofuels Infrastructure Program

The Department administers the Illinois Biofuels Infrastructure Programs to accelerate the use and availability of higher blends of ethanol fuel, as clean burning, renewable alternatives to conventional unleaded gasoline, and in turn drives economic development in the State. Grants have historically been awarded to eligible business owners to purchase and install ethanol fuel pumps (E15-E85 certified blender and E85 dedicated) and storage tanks.

Note: To learn more about this program please contact Paul Pierre-Louis at 312.814.3630 or (TDD 800.785.6055)


Chicago Area Clean Cities

Chicago Area Clean Cities is a leading resource for alternative fuels for & technologies for clean air. They are a unique partnership of government and corporate organizations from every corner of the Chicago metropolitan area. They represent private businesses, educational and research institutions, fuel providers, utilities, environmental organizations, and more. Working together they encourage the use of clean fuel and clean fuel vehicles, because it is the best way to ensure the economic and environmental security of the communities in which we work and live. Their mission is to reduce, replace, and eliminate petroleum use in the transportation sector; reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil; and improve air quality throughout the region. For more information and educational resources visit: