​Considering an investment in technology?  Exploring a high-tech venture?  DCEO is committed to helping Illinois businesses invest in and develop state-of-the-art technologies.

With seven Research and Technology Parks across the state including two "Forbes" Distinguished Tech Incubators, Illinois is committed to technology and innovation, and its contribution to the economy. In 2011, Illinois invested over $300 million in broadband throughout the state and has the third highest concentration of optic fibers in the nation with 796 terabytes of capacity. For more information visit: For more information visit:

The DCEO Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology helps Illinois businesses, entrepreneurs and citizens to succeed in a changing economy by: developing the skills of their workers; promoting safe and healthy workplaces; assisting in the commercialization of new technologies; and providing access to modernizing technologies and practices. For more information, please contact: