Alternate Fuels

The renewable fuels industry is growing increasingly popular as the industry expands and new developments are made. Biofuels, Ethanol and biodiesel are currently the most popular renewable fuels in the U.S. These fuels are derived from locally grown corn and soybeans and serve as alternatives to gasoline. As gas prices continue to rise, demand for these renewable fuels increases. Illinois is at the forefront of research and production in the field of renewable fuels.

Alternate Fuel Research and Infrastructure Grant Program

The focus of the Alternate Fuel Research and Infrastructure Grant Program is to promote the production efficiency, cost competitiveness, availability, and use of ethanol fuels by funding relevant research programs; and to promote the availability and use of alternate fuels, and the associated displacement of gasoline and diesel fuel, by funding the construction and upgrade of alternate fueling infrastructure.
Eligible Projects must be either:
(A) An ethanol fuel research program to reduce the costs of producing ethanol fuel and increase the viability of ethanol fuels, new ethanol engine technologies, and ethanol refueling infrastructure.
(B) The construction or upgrade of alternate fueling facilities, including private on-site fueling facilities, for providing E85 blend, propane, at least 20% biodiesel blended fuel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) for use in motor vehicles.
Proposed projects are eligible for grants covering up to 50 percent of eligible project costs. The minimum grant award is $25,000, and maximum grant award is $350,000.
The FY2015 Alternate Fuel Research and Infrastructure Program is now open!  The deadline for submittal is Friday, January 16, 2015.
All applicants who are interested to see program guideline and application forms of FY2015 program please click here.
Alternate Fuel Research and Infrastructure Grant Program contact:

Paul J. Pierre-Louis
Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
100 West Randolph, Suite 3-400
Chicago, IL 60601