Research and Development

The Illinois Clean Coal Institute (ICCI) promotes the development and application of new and/or improved technologies that contribute to the economic and environmentally sound use of Illinois coal. This will be accomplished using outside contractors to conduct R&D, evaluation studies, and the development of concepts to assist producers and users of Illinois coal in an increasingly competitive marketplace, as well as creating new markets for Illinois coal.

Currently, the ICCI research program focuses on projects in the following areas: 

  • Carbon management and coal bed methane
  • Combustion systems and flue gas cleaning
  • Gasification
  • Mining methods
  • Business practices
  • Coal preparation
  • Coal chemistry, and
  • Materials research

For more information on coal research and technology development grants and final reports, please click here.




 Coal mine personnel installing SIU Carbondale-designed ATLAS cribs for a third layer of roof support in an essential area of an underground mine. The engineered crib is a composite of five wooden elements assembled to enhance the contact area between cribs, enable loading in the direction where the wood grain provides the greatest strength, and reduce the amount of wood used thereby decreasing the weight of each crib element and offering less resistance to ventilation airflows.