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Filming In Illinois

Dear Filmmakers,

Welcome to the Illinois Film Office!

Illinois is home to nationally renowned crew and actors, complete industry infrastructure, and our aggressive 30% film tax credit. With experts on locations, housing, and tax incentives, casting and crew hotlines, the IFO is here to help make your creative vision a reality.

We are, of course, anchored by one of the most beautiful, sophisticated cities in the world. But our locations go way beyond the scope of Chicago's iconic skyline, world famous architecture, gritty back alleys and unique, historic neighborhoods. We also boast breathtaking natural vistas, mid-size industrial centers, picturesque farmland and small towns seemingly frozen in time. We have rivers, prairies, forest preserves and 58 miles of pristine Lake Michigan beaches.

Learn what some of the most talented producers, directors, writers and actors all know: we are a world class film destination the perfect place for your next production. We look forward to seeing you in Illinois!

Warmest Regards,


Christine Dudley
Deputy Director 
Illinois Film Office