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Are there any tax exemptions available for filming in Illinois?
Occupancy in the same hotel for 30 consecutive days qualifies you for exemption from the 11.9% Illinois Hotel Occupancy Tax.  After 30 days, all taxes are waived and the occupant is credited for the first month's tax.
How can I become an extra?
We post notices to our website for projects looking to hire extras.  For more information, please see our Cast & Crew Notices.  You can also contact the Extras Casting Directors listed in our Production Guide.
How can I reach the Chicago Film Office?
The Chicago Film Office is located at:

Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington
Room 108
Chicago, IL 60602
website: click here
phone: 312-744-6415
Where can I obtain a filming permit?
The Illinois Film Office does not provide filming permits.  Permits are authorized by each individual municipality.  To obtain a permit for filming in the city of Chicago please see the Chicago Film Office's contact information above.  To obtain a permit for filming in any other area of the state, please call the Illinois Film Office at #312-814-3600 and we will provide you with contact information for that municipality.