Made In Illinois

Illinois has had a rich and long film history.  We've split out the movie's made by decade for easier review.  Click on a decade below to go to a page filled with the movies that featured Illinois cast, crew and locations during that time.


"American Greed" Kurtis Productions, TV Series
"Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" Crown City Pictures, Inc., Feature Film
"Becoming Us" Gay Rosenthal Productions, TV Series
"Chicago Fire" Open 4 Business, LLC, TV Series
"Chicago PD" Universal Television, LLC, TV Series
"Empire" 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, TV Series
"Garage Squad" Discovery Communications, LLC, TV Series
"Real World" BG Apple, LLC, TV Series
"Sens8" Unpronounceable Productions, LLC, TV Series
"Shameless" Bonanza Productions, Inc., TV Series
"Sinister 2" Bughual Productions, LLC, Feature Film
"Sirens" TVM Productions, TV Series
"Strange Inheritance" Towers Productions, TV Series

“A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island” Jekyll Island The Movie, LLC, Independent Film
“Anguish” Anguish Film, LLC, Independent Film
“Animals” Animals the Film, LLC, Independent Film
“Betrayal” ABC Studios, TV Series
“Chicago Fire” NBC Universal, TV Series
“Chicago PD” NBC Universal, TV Series
“Crisis” 20th Century Fox, TV Series
“Divergent” DVG Productions, LLC Feature Film
“Jupiter Ascending” Rozar Pictures, LLC, Feature Film
“Mind Games” 20th Century Fox, TV Series
“Prank” Prank, LLC, Independent Film
“Shameless” Bonanza Productions, Inc., TV Series
“Sirens” Twist Productions, Inc., TV Series
“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Paramount Pictures, Feature Film

“Boss” Boss Kane Productions, Inc., TV Series
“Chicago Fire” NBC Universal, TV Series
“Dhoom 3” Big Rock, LLC, Independent Film
“Drinking Buddies” Drinking Buddies, LLC, Independent Film
“Grand Piano” Grand Piano Productions, LLC, Independent Film
“Life Itself” Life Itself, LLC, Documentary
“Mob Doctor” Woodridge Productions, Inc., TV Series
“Shameless” Bonanza Productions, Inc., TV Series
“Sirens” Twist Productions, Inc., TV Series
“Underemployed” New Remote Productions, Inc., TV Series
"At Any Price" Farm Film LLC, Independent Film
"Boss" Boss Kane Productions Inc., TV Series
"Call Me on Tuesday" Tuesday Film Partners LLC, Independent Film
"Civil War 3D" Towers Productions, TV Series
"Cooper and Stone" Eye Productions Inc., TV Pilot
"Head Games The Film" Head Games The Film LLC, Independent Film
"House of Consignment" 44 Blue Productions, Inc., TV Series
"Icebreakers" Towers Productions, TV Series
"Judge Mathis 2011" AND Syndicated Productions, Inc., TV Series
"Just Like A Woman" Just Like A Woman Film LLC, Independent Film
"Mob Wives Chicago" Left Right Inc., TV Series
"My Strange Addiction" Season 2, Intersport Inc., TV Series
"Pawn Queens" Season 1, Varuna Entertainment Inc., TV Series
"Powers" Woodridge Productions, Inc., TV Pilot
"Roundabout American" Roundabout LLC, Independent Film
"Shameless" Season 2, Bonanza Productions Inc., TV Series
"Superman: Man of Steel" Third Act Pictures Inc., Feature Film
"The Playboy Club" 20th Century Fox Film Corp, TV Series
"The Rite" Rozar Pictures LLC, Independent Film
"Underemployed" New Remote Prod. Inc., TV Pilot
"American Greed" Kurtis Productions, TV Series
"American Greed Special- Bernie Madoff" Kurtis Productions, TV Special
"ATF" Woodridge Productions Inc, TV Pilot
"Cash Queens" Varuna Entertainment, TV Series
"Chicago Code" 20th Century Fox, TV Series
"CNBC Biography: Hugh Hefner" Kurtis Productions, TV Special
"Colombiana" Colombian Inc., Feature Film
"Contagion" The Keres Corporation, Feature Film
"The Dilemma" Heartless Productions LLC, Feature Film
"First 48 Missing Persons" Found Films LLC, TV Series
"Judge Jeanine Pirro" AND Syndicated Productions, Inc, TV Series
"Judge Mathis" AND Syndicated Productions, Inc, TV Series
"Life Lessons" Boom Thrift, Independent Film
"LOL" LOL Productions LLC, Independent Film
"Marachi Gringo" Marachi Gringo LLC, Independent Film
"Matadors" Woodridge Productions Inc, TV Pilot
"My Strange Addiction" Intersport Inc, TV Series
"Pleading Guilty" 20th Century Fox, TV Pilot
"Shakey" Amarok Productions, Independent Film
"Shameless" Bonanza Productions Inc, TV Series
"Source Code" Beleaguered Castle Film Production Inc, Feature Film
"The Squeeze" Intersport Inc, TV Series
"Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" DW Studios Productions LLC, Feature Film
"The Vow" Vow Productions LLC, Independent Film