• "1941" Universal Pictures Feature Film:
  • "Bio-Ethics" PBS TV Television Special
  • "The Blues Brothers" Universal Studios Feature Film
  • "The Chicago Maternity Center Story" Kartemquin Productions Documentary
  • "The Hunter" Paramount Studios Feature Film
  • "Life on the Mississippi" PBS TV Television Pilot
  • "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" PBS TV Documentary
  • "My Bodyguard" Mel Simon Productions, 20th Century Fox Feature Film
  • "Ordinary People" Wildwood Productions Feature Film
  • "Roar" Noel Marshall Productions Feature Film
  • "Somewhere in Time" Universal Studios Feature Film :
  • "Torn Between Two Lovers" Alan Landsburg Productions Made for TV Movie:
  • "Working Stiffs" Paramount Studios Television Pilot

      • "The Chisolms" Alan Landsburg Productions Miniseries
      • "Dreamer" 20th Century Fox Feature Film
      • "The Duke" Universal TV Made for TV Movie
      • "Dummy" Warner Bros. TV for CBS Made for TV Movie
      • "Flesh and Blood" Paramount TV, Jozak Made for TV Movie
      • "Huckleberry Finn" Schick, Sunn Classics Made for TV Movie
      • "One in A Million: The Ron Leflore Story" EMI-TV for CBS Made for TV Movie
      • "Promises in the Dark" Orion Pictures Feature Film
      • "Towing" Sibling Prods., United International Condor Feature Film

          • "The Awakening Land" Warner Bros. TV for NBC Miniseries
          • "Damien Omen II" 20th Century Fox Feature Film
          • "The Fury" 20th Century Fox Feature Film
          • "A Piece of the Action" Vernon, Warner Bros., First Artists Feature Film
          • "Stony Island" Stony Island Productions Feature Film
          • "A Wedding" 20th Century Fox, Lion's Gate Feature Film

              • "Looking for Mr. Goodbar"  Paramount Studios Feature Film
              • "The Million Dollar Rip-Off" Charles Fries Prods., NBC TV Made for TV Movie
              • "Monkey Hustle" American International, Arthur Prods. Feature Film
              • "Silver Streak" 20th Century Fox Feature Film
              • "Sparrow" CBS TV Television Pilot
              • "Roller Coaster" Universal Studios Feature Film
              • "Whisper the Sounds" Bejack Productions Feature Film

                  • "Brannigan" United Artists, Wellborn Feature Film
                  • "Cooley High" American International Feature Film
                  • "Mahogany" Paramount, Nikor Feature Film

                      • "Good Times" CBS TV Television Series
                      • "Night Stalker" ABC TV Television Series

                          • "Harry and Tonto" 20th Century Fox Feature Film
                          • "The Sting" Universal Studios Feature Film
                          • "Three the Hard Way" Allied Artists Feature Film
                          • "Tough Guys" Dino DeLaurentis Feature Film
                          • "Uptown Saturday Night" Warner, Verdon, First Artists Feature Film

                              • "The Bob Newhart Show" CBS TV Television Series
                              • "The Gore Gore Girls" Lewis Pictures Feature Film
                              • "Naked Ape" Universal, Playboy Feature Film
                              • "Night Stalker" aka "Kolchak, The Night Stalker" ABC TV Television Pilot

                                  • "The Murder of Fred Hampton" The Film Group Documentary
                                  • "Rocco Papaleo" aka "Excuse Me, My Name is Rocco Papaleo" Dean, Rizzoli, Francoriz Feature Film
                                  • "T.R. Baskin" Paramount, Peter Hyams Feature Film

                                      • "Prologue" Nat'l Film Board of Canada, Vaudeo, Inc. Feature Film
                                      • "Trail of the Hunter" W.A.B. Motion Picture Productions Northwest Cinema Documentary