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Application Requirements/Process

​Applicants must fill out the appropriate application form provided by IFO.

    • Commercial Applications must be submitted to IFO 24 hours prior to start of filming in Illinois.
    • Film/Television Applications must be submitted to IFO 5 business days before principal photography begins in Illinois.
    • Proof of Copyright or Contract must be submitted with every application.  Please note, a notarized
       affidavit is permissible in lieu of Proof of Copyright.  Only contracts signed and dated by all parties will be accepted.

IFO Tax Credit Application

*Please note*  This form contains calculated fields.  It is recommended that you save the PDF to your computer before completing it.  It is also recommended that you use the latest version of Adobe Reader to view and complete the application.

Applicant must provide receipts and other financial materials to a Certified Public Accountant (must be approved by the Department prior to commencing work on the engagement) once project is completed. The CPA will validate and calculate the applicant’s local production spending. The CPA will provide the IFO with the applicant's tax credit profile.


Tax Credit Certificate/Transfer

The tax credit is earned on the date of issuance and applicable to that tax year.  Unused tax credit may be carried forward for up to 5 taxable years.  The tax credit may also be transferred to up to 10 transferees within one year of issuance.

  • Upon receiving the applicant’s tax credit profile, and confirming the applicant's Diversity efforts, the IFO will issue the Tax Credit Certificate to the applicant.
  • The tax credit can only be transferred once.
  • The applicant must request the transfer of tax in writing.
  • The request must include:
    • Original tax credit recipient's name
    • Date the original tax credit was issued
    • The tax credit amount earned
    • Amount of the tax credit to be transferred
    • Federal employer ID and full contact information for both transferor and transferee(s)

List of Tax Credit Buyers

Sample Transfer Request Form