Northwest Region

Lee Trotter

The Northwest Region has much to offer new and expanding businesses, including a readily trained workforce, a solid manufacturing base and a booming tourism industry. The dynamic educational institutions, including Western Illinois University and four community colleges, are constantly undergoing expansion and stimulating work and growth in the region.

The region is home to major manufacturing firms like Deere & Company, which employs nearly 55,700 people worldwide and KONE (elevators and escalators), which employs over 34,00 people worldwide. The Northwest Region also has a strong focus on healthcare with over seven medical systems employing nearly 50,000 people. It is also the location of Rock Island Arsenal, a major Army facility located on a scenic island along the Mississippi River in the Quad-Cities, between Iowa and Illinois.

From Galena to Palisades Park to Starved Rock State Park and Bishop Hill, the region offers a multitude of activities for recreational and outdoor enthusiasts.

A business-friendly environment nestled within the beauty of Northern Illinois makes the Northwest Region a highly-desirable place to do business.