Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP) - Competitive Component

The Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP) is a competitive application program for Illinois based manufactures and service companies to facilitate upgrading the skills of their workers in order to remain current in new technologies and business practices.   Participation in the program will enable companies to remain competitive, expand into new markets and introduce more efficient technologies into their operations.  ETIP grants may reimburse Illinois companies for up to 50 percent of the eligible cost of training their employees.  Grants may be awarded to individual businesses, intermediary organizations operating multi-company training projects and original equipment manufacturers sponsoring multi-company training projects for employees of their Illinois supplier companies.

Employer Training Investment Program / Competitive Component
Illinois companies that are retraining/upgrading the skills of their existing workforce may be eligible for ETIP grants. Grants may be awarded to individual companies, as well as to intermediary organizations offering training to meet the common training needs of multiple companies.

Single Company Training Grants
Individual companies undertaking customized on-site training programs may apply for an ETIP grant if they are: expanding the business enterprise in Illinois, expanding into new markets, introducing more efficient technologies/continuous improvement systems, expanding exports from Illinois, and providing additional training to employees who will be threatened with layoff.

FY14 Applications are not yet available. Please check back for further updates.

Multi-Company Training Grants
The Illinois Department of Commerce and economic Opportunity is soliciting applications from interested and qualified intermediary organizations to implement eligible training programs on behalf of companies participating in the project.  The intermediary organization will conduct or sponsor the employee training programs, coordinate all grant administrative and training evaluation reporting functions on behalf of the companies in the project. Multi Company applicants can include all of the following.  Illinois based business and industry associations, institutions of secondary and higher education, strategic business partnerships, large manufacturers for supplier network companies and labor organizations.

FY14 Applications are not yet available. Please check back for further updates.