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Illinois provides a range of state tax incentives for locating and expanding your business in Illinois. We offer tax credits and exemptions to encourage business growth and job creation, and provide job training incentives for businesses locating and hiring workers in Illinois. Through our LocationOne service, we provide available commercial and industrial sites, buildings and locations for business looking to expand throughout Illinois.

  • Economic Development Tax Credits—Available for the creation or retention of full-time jobs, based on capital investments and the number of jobs created or retained

  • Job Training Grants—Available to businesses to upgrade or improve job-related skills of full-time employees based on investment amount and number of jobs created or retained

  • Enterprise Zones and High Impact Business – Available to businesses investing in designated areas and to encourage economic development and job creation through tax credit incentives and exemptions

  • LocationOne – Searchable databases for available commercial and industrial sites, locations and buildings for businesses looking to expand throughout Illinois


We can provide grants and access to loans to assist with working capital, machinery and equipment, land acquisition, building construction and public infrastructure improvements. For those looking to invest in Illinois companies, early stage investment incentives are available. And for Illinois small businesses needing to hire more workers, we offer tax credits for new job creation. In Illinois we know helping businesses become stronger also helps build stronger communities.

Please review our information or direct your specific questions to dceo.bizdev@illinois.gov.  Or call us at 800-252-2923 to learn more about our state incentives and other programs that can help you start and expand your business, create new jobs and help grow stronger communities in Illinois.