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Eliminating Food Deserts

Many of Illinois' urban communities lack access to fresh produce and other nutritious grocery goods. In fact, records show that at least 500,000 Illinoisans have limited or no direct access to local stores. Illinois intends to create a national model for stimulating local urban economies while improving the health and wellness of local residents.
The purpose of the IFFF is to increase the availability of fresh food in communities and neighborhoods throughout Illinois.  This statewide public-private partnership is designed to achieve a reduction in the high incidence of diet-related diseases; bring healthy food to communities which historically have not had access to fresh products; and to stimulate investment of private capital in low wealth communities.
This funding is administered through IFF.  For more information, please contact Robin Broman, Senior Loan Officer at (312) 521-7375, e-mail, or visit on the web at