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Success Stories

Clients who accept weatherization assistance need not surrender their pride, as evidenced by a DeKalb woman's thanks: "I am physically disabled, with a morphine pump implanted in my body for pain control for a rare tumor for which I have had 36 surgeries to date. Asking for help was the hardest thing I had ever done. Then came the day I was to be 'invaded' by the crews who were to do the work. They were thorough, friendly, and at no time did I feel 'degraded,' as I had believed I would. So thanks for perking me up, making me a believer in people again, and most importantly, for helping my heat bills. Please know that some of us out here do not expect to get a free ride, and are very appreciative of the work you all do!"

A Lake County family wrote: "Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for you and your efforts. The thoughtfulness with what seemed to be your labor of love. How you went about assessing our home and its needs. Determining with great care and generosity, those things that were applicable for our home and fulfilling them beyond what we would have ever thought possible at this time. God bless you and your whole house."

A Clay County woman wrote: "Thanks for putting up with me and my calls. I love my new furnace and am very, very appreciative. I liked the workmanship of the staff and their concern for their customer was also great. Thanks again. Because of you I'm now warm. God bless you.