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Small Business Set-Aside Program (SBSP)


Under certain conditions, the Chief Procurement Office requires state agencies to purchase only from qualified Illinois small businesses. If a state agency is making a one-time procurement below $80,000 ($100,000 if construction) OR procuring in any of 673 product/service categories at any dollar amount, then the state agency will only solicit offers from SBSP vendors. The SBSP shelters Illinois' small businesses from competing with large businesses for state awards and contracts. The State's goal is to award 10% of state contracts to qualified small businesses in Illinois.


By registering in the SBSP, you are giving your business the opportunity to win a state contract. In Fiscal Year 2016, state agencies awarded over $96.8 million to SBSP vendors. Thank you for continuing to be a major creator of new jobs and the engine for our state's economic growth.


What is a "Small Business"?

A small business means one that is independently owned and operated, is not dominant in its field or operation, and meets the required size status and the following sales limitations:

*No WHOLESALE business can exceed $13 Million in annual sales.

*No RETAIL business can exceed $8 Million in annual sales and receipts.

*No CONSTRUCTION business can exceed $14 Million in annual sales and receipts.

*No MANUFACTURING business can employ more than 250 persons.




Applying for SBSP is part of registering in the IL Procurement Gateway (IPG) at  

                                                 Questions? Please email us at


How do I Renew or Re-Qualify?
SBSP and IPG Renewal Instructions V.15.1.docx
20160812 SBSP Re-Qualification Statement.pdf

NIGP codes set-aside for SBSP competition:  ​20170105 Small Business Set-Aside Codes.pdf