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Ben Bagby.jpg

Ben Bagby - CPO for Institutions of Higher Education

Ben Bagby has served as the Chief Procurement Officer for the Public Institutions of Higher Education since July 1, 2010.  Prior to that, and since 1977, he held various procurement–related positions within the Department of Central Management Services and its predecessor the Department of Administrative Services.  During that time he led the effort to consolidate and standardize procurement rules and the associated solicitation and contract documents.

 He has a BA in Sociology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (1973) and a law degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (1977).  He has lifetime certification as a Certified Public Procurement Officer.

His outside interests include art, gardening, special interest automobiles and travel.

​Ellen Daley - CPO for General Services​ Ellen Daley.jpg

Ellen Daley is the Chief Procurement Officer for General Services for the State of Illinois. In this capacity, she authorizes more than $7 billion in procurements for 55 state agencies and ensures that each is fair, transparent, accountable, and in the best interest of the State.

Ellen is an attorney, and holds both the CPPO and CPPB certifications.

Ellen has been involved in public procurement since 1999. After spending time in private practice, Ellen moved into public service at the Chicago Public Schools. She served first as Senior Assistant General Counsel and later as Director of Procurement Compliance, where she created the first Vendor Management Office in the City of Chicago governmental agencies. Most recently, Ellen served as the lead attorney advising agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction on procurement matters.

Ellen attended Northwestern University and is a proud supporter of the Northwestern Wildcats, as well as a dependable attendee at any Chicago Cubs game.

Bill Grunloh.jpg

​Bill Grunloh - CPO for Department of Transportation, Construction​

Bill started his career running a family owned commercial construction company in Effingham for more than 25 years. Bill was also active in his community, serving on multiple boards, including Effingham’s County Board, Effingham Water Authority and the City of Effingham Fire and Police Board. From 2003-2004 Bill served as an Illinois State Representative for the 108th District.

In 2005 he took on a new opportunity at the Illinois Department of Transportation Procurement Office, then moving to the Bureau of Business Services as the Bureau Chief, Chief of Operations, and eventually served as the Chief of Staff for the Illinois Department of Transportation.

On July 1, 2010, Bill began serving as the Chief Procurement Officer for IDOT. He is a “Certified Professional Public Buyer” and a “Certified Public Procurement Officer”.

Bill’s interest outside of procurement include property development and working and hunting on his farm in Cumberland County.

​ Art Moore - CPO for Capital Development Board​​​