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Joint Purchasing Program

CMS offers local governments the opportunity to save time and money when purchasing many commodities, services and equipment - ranging from car parts to bulk electricity to rock salt to computer hardware and software.

Not only do local governments save a percentage per purchase, but Illinois municipalities can significantly reduce their administrative expenses when purchasing from these select statewide contracts. The State also benefits - when its bulk-purchasing power from multiple State agencies is enhanced by the increased sales volume added by local governments, we can push per-unit costs down further.

Instead of managing the time- and cost-consuming competitive-bid process on their own, local governments take advantage of the work that the state's procurement experts have already done - such as working to determine specifications, evaluate bidders, check references, select the highest-quality bid, and aggressively negotiate price discounts using the state's massive purchasing power.

Commodities and services offered include:

  • Bulk electricity
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Defibrillators
  • Mowers
  • Rock salt
  • Vehicles

Any unit of local government - provided it was created by statute or has the ability to tax - can qualify for the Joint Purchasing Program (State Use Program rehabilitation facilities for the severely disabled also are eligible).

Joining the voluntary program does not obligate the local government to procure any items from State contracts. The State of Illinois develops the specifications, conducts the bid process, makes the awards, creates the contracts and publishes the contracts on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin. Program members work directly with the State vendor to purchase the service or equipment.


Local governmental units that wish to register in the Joint Purchasing Program should become familiar with the policies and procedures of the program by reading the Joint Purchasing Manual:

To register for membership, units are required to submit a Joint Purchasing Act Participation Resolution, passed by the governing board, authorizing its purchasing officials to participate in the program. Submitting a resolution does not obligate the governmental unit to procure any items from state contracts. There are no fees required to register or participate in the program.

Please contact the Joint Purchasing Coordinator with any questions:

Dennis Smith, Coordinator
Joint Purchasing Program
Department of Central Management Services, Bureau of Strategic Sourcing
804 Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-785-6935


List of Joint Purchasing Contracts

We publish Joint Purchasing Program contract information on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin. There is no cost to use this service. Simply navigate to the website and select the link entitled "Master Contracts," then select "Joint Purchasing."

All contracts are published in a PDF (portable document format) that requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge.