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Trip Cost Calculator

The Trip Cost Calculator below is designed to help agencies and drivers select the most cost effective available option for state employee business transportation as outlined in the State Employee Business Transportation Policy. Drivers input the number of days or hours and miles for upcoming travel. The calculator displays the associated cost and from there you can choose the form of transportation which is most economical.

Budget.jpgZipCar Link

* If a vehicle is used for less than 12 hours, enter the number of hours.
If a vehicle is used 12 hours or more, enter the numbers in days.

** Trip Cost Calculator is based on daily rental rates. The trip cost calculator is for use as a guide to help drivers determine cost effective travel alternatives for individual trips in keeping with state regulations.

Familiarize yourself with your agency’s internal requirements relating to the use of reimbursement and other transportation alternatives as well.

In cases where a state pool vehicle is not available, the next most cost efficient option is recommended.

Enter the duration of the trip in hours or days and the estimated round trip miles, then click on the Calculate button to perform the calculation.

Contact your Agency Vehicle or Travel Coordinator if you require further information or contact Central Management Services, Division of Vehicles for further assistance.