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To ensure that only eligible dependents are covered under the Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP), the Illinois Department of Central Management Services has retained the services of HMS Employer Solutions (HMS), an independent firm, to conduct a Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit. 

By law, the State's plans, including TRIP, can only cover eligible members and dependents.  While most dependents are eligible, some dependents in the plan may no longer meet the eligibility guidelines. 

HMS is mailing a letter to each TRIP member who has a dependent enrolled.  The letter will detail the steps and documentation required to keep your dependents covered.  The signed letter and all required documentation must be submitted directly to HMS by the due date indicated on the letter. 

NOTE: Due to the Federal government shutdown and possible subsequent delays in the government’s processing of IRS tax transcript requests, those members who need to order a federal tax return transcript should go ahead and do so. If a response is not received within two weeks, members should request an extension of the documentation deadline to HMS. Members should refer to Question 13 in the Dependent Verification Audit Frequently Asked Questions document for instructions regarding how to order the transcript and Question 10 for instructions on how to request an extension. The deadline for requesting an extension is October 25th.


The Department of Central Management Services has extended the deadline for submitting documentation for the State of Illinois Retiree group TO JANUARY 31, 2014 to allow members adequate time to obtain needed documentation from the IRS.

In an effort to assist in the audit process, a Frequently Asked Questions document will be included in the mailing.  HMS has developed a secure website at which is available to all members who are included in this audit.  By registering on this website, you will find more details regarding this audit as well as assistance in locating and submitting your documentation.

When you receive any correspondence from HMS Employer Solutions, please read it carefully as there are specific due dates when certain information needs to be submitted.  Failure to follow the instructions could result in loss of coverage for your dependents.