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FY2017 Benefit Choice Period

The FY2017 Benefit Choice Period will be May 1 through May 31, 2016, for eligible members. Members are employees (full-time employees, part-time employees working 50% or greater, as well as employees on leave of absence), COBRA participants and annuitants and survivors not enrolled in the Medicare Advantage 'TRAIL' Program. The FY2017 Benefit Choice Options Booklet contains the latest information regarding the Benefit Choice Period options, as well as other benefit information. Elections will be effective July 1, 2016.


Members should make all Benefit Choice changes on the FY2017 Benefit Choice Election Form. Only members wishing to make a change to their coverage should complete the form. The agency, university or retirement system group insurance representative (GIR) will process the changes based upon the information indicated on the form. Members can access GIR names and locations by viewing the GIR listing. Give completed form to your GIR in your Benefits Office no later than May 31, 2016.

Unless specifically noted, members may make the following changes during the Benefit Choice Period:
  • Change health plans.  Members interested in a certain health plan may view their provider directory on the plan's website.

  • Add or drop dental coverage.

  • Add or drop dependent coverage.  Note: Survivors may add a dependent only if that dependent was eligible for coverage as a dependent under the original member.

  • Add, drop, increase or decrease Member Optional Life insurance coverage. A Statement of Health application is required to add or increase Member Optional Life.

  • Add or drop Child Life, Spouse Life and/or AD&D insurance coverage. A Statement of Health application is required to add Spouse Life or Child Life Coverage; however, a Statement of Health is not required to add or increase AD&D coverage.

  • Elect to opt out (full-time employees (including those on a leave of absence), annuitants and survivors). The election to opt out will terminate the health, dental, vision and prescription coverage for the member and any covered dependents. Members electing to opt out must provide proof of other comprehensive health coverage and complete an Opt Out Election Certificate. Effective with this Benefit Choice Period, non-Medicare annuitants and survivors electing to opt out will remain enrolled in the dental coverage. Annuitants and survivors who do not wish to continue the dental coverage must check the appropriate box on the Benefit Choice Election form indicating their desire to drop dental.

  • Elect to waive health, dental, vision and prescription coverage (part-time employees 50% or greater, annuitants and survivors required to pay a portion of premiums). Note: Part-time employees electing to waive coverage must also complete the Part-time Employee Election/Waiver of Group Insurance Participation Form.

  • Re-enroll in the program if previously opted out of, or waived, coverage. Upon re-enrollment, members may elect not to have the dental coverage.

  • Re-enroll in the program if currently terminated due to nonpayment of premium while on leave of absence (employees only, subject to eligibility criteria). Any outstanding premiums plus the July premium must be paid before coverage will be reinstated. Note: Survivors and annuitants are not eligible to re-enroll if previously terminated for nonpayment of premium.

  • Enroll in Medical Care Assistance Program (MCAP) and/or Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP). Employees must enroll each year; previous enrollment in the program does not continue into the new plan year. The maximum annual amount that may be elected for MCAP is $2,550.

Updated 04/29/16