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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

Do I qualify to be a certified BEP Vendor and how do I register?

How long does the application process take to become a certified BEP vendor?

Do I need to be certified as CMS/BEP as an MBE, FBE, or PBE to bid on contracts?

How much does it cost to be certified with CMS/BEP as an MBE, FBE or PBE?

I am already certified as a DBE, does the state accept that certification?

Where can I find assistance in filling out the application to become a certified BEP vendor?

How do I begin the process of getting a contract with the State?

How do I register on the bulletin?

Procurement/Strategic Sourcing (BOSS)

What is the process to receive notifications of bid opportunities?

How does the Illinois Bid System work?

How long does it take to find out if I have been certified to do business with the state?

How do I know if I have been awarded a contract?

How can a small business find partnership opportunities with a Prime Contractor?

What are the state requirements to become a certified small business?

How does the Small Business Set-Aside program (SBSA) work?

Vendor Payment Program (VPP)

Is there a way to expedite payments to state vendors for services provided?

I am experiencing hardship due to late payment by the state, what can I do?

Bureau of Computer and Communication Services

How can I reset my network or RACF password?

How can I get help for issues with my cellphone, or Blackberry?

My email is not working properly, what should I do?

I am having issues with my computer who can I contact to get them resolved?

If the first point of contact for agency telecommunication coordinators at BCCS should be my agency's assigned Communications Systems Specialist, how can I find that person?

I need to contact someone at BCCS directly, how do I find a list of contacts?


Where can I look for job titles for state positions?

How do I apply for jobs in the State of Illinois?

Where can I find out about Career Counseling options?

Where can I get information about hiring and testing procedures?

Once I take the test how long does it take to find out my grade?

Deferred Compensation Benefits

What are Deferred Comp Benefits?

How can I track my fund on a daily basis?

Is there a number I can call to get the balance on my account?

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Where can I find the Workers' Compensation Benefits handbook?

What should I do if I am injured on the job?

Where can I find claim forms?

Group Health Insurance Benefits

Where can I find information regarding my health benefits?

Where can I view my Health Benefits statements online?

What Benefits plans are available?

Where can I find information regarding Cobra?

Where can I find information regarding Workers Compensation?

Property Management

Is there a recycling program?

What happens to surplus property?

Transportation & Travel for State of Illinois Employees

What are the different travel options for State Employees traveling on business?

Illinois Office of Communication & Information

Who do I contact if we want to update or create a website?

Where can I get graphic designers to help us?