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Bureau Initiatives


  • ETime- The electronic time keeping system that allows users to track their time online using an automated system including a daily time report, leave requests for vacation or sick time, and links for delegates and supervisors.  This is being deployed across the state with Central Management Services (CMS) already completed and The Department of Revenue, and The Department of Insurance in the beginning stages of the process.
  • EPASS-The Electronic Pay Stub System automates paychecks to allow paystubs to be sent electronically making Illinois more eco-friendly and saving taxpayer dollars by reducing the use of paper, envelopes, mailing and printing costs.   This service has been deployed to 31 State Agencies, Boards, and Commissions.  BCCS currently has 2 EPASS deployments pending and has received additional inquires for the service. 
  • Identity Management-Password Reset- This feature allows users to reset their password without having to contact the Help Desk.


  • Online Benefit Statements are now paperless and available on the Bureau of Benefits’ website.  They provide members with easy access to their information saving on the need to mail the statements. This saves taxpayer dollars and allows members to provide additional documentation and updates which can prevent benefit errors and cancellation of coverage.


  • This online application process allows Illinois’ small business community a one-stop-shop to apply for contracts with EEC and BEP; using just one application for both.  This means a streamlined review process with a faster turnaround time, less lost or missing applications, and an increase in the number of applications that can be reviewed.  This process is not only environmentally friendlier, but it saves taxpayer dollars by requiring less paper, less postage, and less mailings.  It also saves on the cost of storing paper files, purchasing supplies and the manpower to maintain the paper system.