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School Construction Program Requirements


All eligibility criteria for Construction Grant Entitlements and Debt Service Grants are defined in the State Board of Education Rules for the Administration of the School Construction Program. All criteria for determining allowable project costs and for requirements for construction grant eligibity are defined in the Capital Development Board Rules for Standards for Award of Grants: School Construction Program.

Applications for Construction Grant Awards must be submitted to the State Board of Education prior to April 1 of each year.

An entitlement issued by the State Board of Education qualifies the local school district for a Construction Grant from the Capital Development Board but does not guarantee receipt of such a grant. Receipt of a grant is dependent on available state funding each fiscal year, the priority ranking of the district's project, the documentation of the availability of the required local district funding, and the district's compliance with all other requirements of the School Construction Law.

Priority Categories

The priorities for awarding the grants, in order of importance, are projects that:
A. Replace or reconstruct school buildings destroyed or damaged by man-made or natural disasters.
B. Alleviate the overcrowding caused by population growth or replace aged buildings.
C. Support school district reorganization, i.e. consolidation or annexation.
D. Replace or reconstruct facilities considered to be serve or continuing health/life-safety hazards.
E. Alter facilities to provide accessibility for qualified individuals with disabilities.
F. Provide over unique solutions to facility needs.


The Illinois State Board of Education and the Capital Development Board are jointly responsible for administering the School Construction Program.

Responsibilities of the Illinois State Board of Education:

Approve district facilities plans of applicants.
Accept all program applications for Construction Grant Entitlements.
Annually calculate grant indexes for school districts, based on a district's level of local wealth.
Develop eligibility standards for Construction Grants.
Develop standards for determining the priority needs of school construction projects based upon approved district facilities plans and a list of specific priorities.
Award Construction Grant Entitlements.

Responsibilities of the Capital Development Board:

Develop construction project standards that include definitions of recognized costs, including space and capacity standards, that would be eligible for state reimbursement and of enrichment costs that would not be eligible for reimbursement.
Award Construction Grants.
Prepare payment scheduless for approved construction projects and make grant payments.
Exercise general fiduciary supervision over school construction projects receiving grants.