The Illinois General Assembly passed the School Construction Law​ (Public Act 90-548) in December 1997.  The initial School Construction Grant Program benefited 502 school districts in every region of the state and provided over $3.1 billion in state-funded grants to provide for new facilities, additions and renovations of aging buildings.

The FY’10, Illinois Jobs Now! provided $1.5 billion for a multiyear program.  Since May 2010, 99 grants totaling over $1.3 billion have been awarded.  CDB School Construction Rules and Project Standards​

The capital bill also included $45 million in funding for an Early Childhood Program, $100 million for school maintenance grants which will be administered by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and $50 million for energy grants which will also be administered by the ISBE.

Task Force

A special task force created by House Joint Resolution 45 of the Illinois General Assembly is focusing on the state of green sustainability in Illinois Schools.  The task force has been evaluating green practices and financing options for public schools will make recommendations on ways to ensure that existing public schools are retrofitted and new schools constructed in a manner that promotes energy efficiency and sustainability.

A survey was conducted to gather information on the type of green sustainability initiatives schools are currently participating in. The results of the survey and recommendations will be included in a report to the General Assembly.  Questions regarding the task force can be sent to Doug Widener, Executive Director, US Green Building Council Illinois Chapter at or (312)245-8300 x 201.

Illinois Statutes

Guide for Compliance with Illinois Statutes, to assist in compliance with the Intergovernmental Agreement for state grants of the School Construction Program.

Green Legislation

In an effort to make Illinois schools more environmentally friendly, Public Act 095-0416 was passed July 1, 2007 requiring school districts applying for a grant to meet green certification. In addition, school districts applying for a grant after July 1, 2009 are required to meet green building silver certification standards.