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How to Comment on the Illinois Accessibility Code

The Capital Development Board, as mandated by the Illinois Environmental Barriers Act, has updated the Illinois Accessibility Code (IAC) so that it is more closely modeled after the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.   The updated IAC also includes Accessibility Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way and Shared Use Paths.  A new comprehensive IAC is being created by combining these documents. 
The IAC is currently written as an administrative rule and must be updated through the Illinois Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR.)  In order to gain consensus and make the rulemaking process go more smoothly, we are reaching out to the public prior to filing the IAC with JCAR. 
If you are interested, please review the Code and provide CDB with feedback by August 17, 2016.  Both the current and updated IAC are listed below.
Please send all comments to