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Prequalification Construction Mgt & Program Mgt

CDB has issued a revised prequalification form for firms interested in providing Construction Management (CM) and Program Management (PM) services.

As a result of the signing of the Capital Bill, there will be several opportunities for CM and PM firms for CDB projects, both large and small. Firms with experience in Construction Manager-at-Agency including scheduling, cost estimating, constructability reviews and construction observation should apply. The prequalification will be effective for two years.

The combined form allows for a firm to be prequalified in one of two levels:

Tier 1: firms with experience in CM and/or PM for projects $5 million - $15 million.

Tier 2: Firms with experience in CM and/or PM for project $15 million and over.

Please Download the Construction Manager/Program Manager form:

Construction Manager/Program Manager: Prequalification Form
CM Prequalification Specialist
Phone: 217-782-6152
Fax: 217-782-8559

Prequalified Construction Manager's can be found in the Vendor Search

The Professional Services Bulletin is the official advertisement to secure design services for the Capital Development Board. Each issue of the Bulletin includes detailed instructions for professional design firms wishing to submit for CDB construction projects.