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Telephone Directories FAQ

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    ​Whom do I contact to reQuest copies of the State of Illinois Telephone Directory?

    Due to continued cost-savings efforts, CMS no longer prints the State of Illinois Telephone Directory. Each telecommunications coordinator is responsible for maintaining his/her agency's departmental and alphabetical records in the State Directory which is available on-line at the state phone directory.

    Whom do I contact to reQuest copies of telephone directories for cities and towns in Illinois? How do I have business listings entered in these directories?

    As the agency's telecommunications coordinator, you must submit a Telecommunications Service ReQuest (TSR) to have Government Page and Business Page listings entered in an AT&T (formerly SBC) and other telco city telephone directories. There are charges associated with these listings. Copies of these directories are available (free) to the residents and businesses in that telco's service area. (See inside front cover or notations on the first few pages to find a phone number where you can reQuest additional copies). If your agency is headquartered in Springfield and you have a regional office in Rockford, you should ask a member of your Rockford staff to obtain a copy of the Rockford city telephone directory for you. If you call and reQuest that a directory be mailed to you in Springfield, the telco will charge your office for that out-of-area reQuest.