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Radio Communications- STARCOM21

Category: Network

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services’ (CMS) Bureau of Communication and Computer Services (BCCS) makes two-way radio communication services available via the STARCOM21 master contract.  STARCOM21 is a groundbreaking public/private partnership with Motorola Solutions envisioned and commissioned by the State to enable seamless, interoperable communications among State, local and federal government users.  The network primarily focuses on the daily, two-way radio communication needs of its subscribers, enables enhanced response to disaster and emergency situations and allows the State to effectively address homeland security concerns.
The STARCOM21 network is owned and operated by Motorola Solutions and currently serves nearly 30,000 subscribers from various State, local and federal government and non-governmental entities (see current STARCOM21 Subscriber List).  It is a statewide, 700/800 MHz, Project 25-compliant, digital, trunked voice radio network that is open to all public safety and public service agencies in Illinois. Non-State entities must work with Motorola Solutions directly to apply for network access. 
STARCOM21 services are coordinated and administered for State entities (State agencies, boards, commissions, etc., not including the General Assembly) through an agreement between CMS and the Illinois State Police (ISP) Multi-Agency Communications Services Section (MACSS group).

STARCOM21 also figures prominently in the Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP), which establishes a single statewide platform for all public safety agencies to share emergency information. Managed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), SCIP was developed by a consortium of federal, state, and local public safety practitioners working through the Illinois Terrorism Task Force's (ITTF’s) Communications Committee and the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee.  For more information on the SCIP please go to


Network Service and Infrastructure Support Pricing
STARCOM Service Rates & Rate Classifications

Motorola Solutions Subscriber Equipment Pricing
Motorola Contract Pricing

Harris Corporation Subscriber Equipment Pricing
Harris Corporation Contract Pricing

What is Included?

State of the Art Network

  • 240+ radio sites across the state
  • Zone availability of 99.999% and 95% + Mobile Coverage Statewide
  • In Building (8 dB) Coverage in Select Areas (Chicago Area, 12 Major Cities)
  • Level 5 Interoperability and customization
  • Project 25 Compliant, 700/800 MHz, Digital, Trunked Network
  • Voice Encryption Capable, Hardened, Secure, Monitored
  • Disaster Recovery and System Restoration

 Latest Equipment and Technology

  • Dual-band mobiles and portables
  • Dash and Trunk mount mobiles
  • Vehicular repeaters
  • Desktop stations and repeaters
  • Consoles and Stations
  • Technical Service Manuals and Training
  • Programming packages
  • Open system for multi-vendor P25 radio’s

What Should You Expect?

  • Fully managed radio communications and guaranteed service levels
  • Infrastructure service support 24 x 7 x 365 for repair and maintenance issues 
  • Delivery, installation and activation times vary per order depending on your procurement lead-time, equipment availability and current subscriber status
  • Affordability and local control
  • Billing management and procurement assistance for State entities
  • Timely monthly service fee invoices
  • System Oversight and Governance

How Can You Help?

  • State entities should notify MACSS of any additions or requests for changes in equipment or service
  • Maintain a current user/equipment inventory
  • Ensure that all users are properly trained in the use of all equipment and radio procedures
  • Routine review of billing for errors and underutilized service and equipment
  • Prompt payment of outstanding invoices