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    What is STARCOM21?

    STARCOM21 stands for STAte Radio (Voice) COMmunications for the 21st Century. It is a 700/800 MHz, APCO Project 25 interoperable, digital, trunked statewide voice radio communications network. The network is owned and operated by Motorola, Inc. and leased back to the State of Illinois for its use. It was built to public safety standards and is available to governmental as well as non-governmental bodies subject to state approval and contractual requirements being met.

    What will it cost my agency to be a STARCOM21 subscriber?

    Subscribers are responsible for purchasing their equipment, training and monthly service fees. Total cost for equipment, monthly service and training will vary per agency. The STARCOM21 master contract allows for a 25% discount off the Motorola catalog list price for STARCOM21 related products for STARCOM21 subscribers. Monthly service fees are $53/month per radio for statewide use. State agencies should contact Tom Bowen (, 217-782-5742) for other pricing options. Non-State entities should contact Mike Greenaway (, 847-576-6576).

    Who maintains the radio equipment after purchase?

    Motorola, Inc. is responsible for equipment maintenance after purchase in accordance with their maintenance agreement. The subscriber is responsible for maintenance after the initial manufacturer supplied warranty expires. Extended warranty options are also available through Motorola.

    How can an agency become a STARCOM21 customer?

    State agencies should contact Donald Buttitta (, 217-557-1294) for information about service initiation. Non-State entities should contact Mike Greenaway (, 847-576-6576).

    I just received an invoice and have some Questions. Who do I contact?

    State agencies should contact Tom Bowen (, 217 524 3544) for billing inquiries. Non-State agencies should contact Margaret Ponga (, 847-538-2614).

    Who is responsible for maintenance and repair of the STARCOM21 network?

    Motorola, Inc. is responsible for maintenance and repair of the STARCOM21 network.

    What are the advantages of joining STARCOM21 over building a stand-alone system?

    By taking advantage of the economies of scale and the pooling of resources enabled by the partnership between the State of Illinois and Motorola, Inc., potential subscribers don't have to worry about the huge upfront cost associated with building out the infrastructure required to have a standalone system. Maintenance and operating costs also make it cost prohibitive to many agencies. Speed to service enables many subscribers to become a part of the network in a matter of months not years as with many system build-outs.

    Is there a contract associated with becoming a STARCOM21 subscriber?

    STARCOM21 master contract (CMCT020028) sets forth the terms and conditions for state agency subscribers. Non-State subscribers enter into a separate user agreement with Motorola subservient to the terms and conditions of the master contract.